The Lodge - FAQs

Question - How soon should I book reservations with Tavaputs Ranch?
Answer - New bookings open each year on September 15th. You should call early to assure that your reservation will be filled.

Question • What is the minimum and maximum number of guests at any one time on the ranch?
Answer - The ranch can accommodate 1-35 guests at any one time.

Question • If we don't own a 4-wheel drive vehicle, can we still get to Tavaputs Ranch?
Answer - If you are traveling by car, you can easily schedule a shuttle to the Ranch for your group/luggage. A 4-wheel drive SUV is needed to travel up the dirt road to Tavaputs Ranch. A Ranch staff member will meet you at Miner's Trading Grocery Store in Sunnyside and shuttle you to the Ranch in our 4-wheel drive vehicle. The fee is $300.00. Enjoy the scenic ride!

Question • What equipment/clothing will we need while we are at the ranch?
Answer - All of our cabins include full accommodations....towels, beds, bedding and modern full feature bathrooms. So...depending on the time of year, and how long you'll be staying with us, you should bring a light coat, long pants, sweater, walking boots, hat, long sleeve shirts, fanny pack, rain gear, flashlight, binoculars, sun block, toiletries, and a camera!!

Question • Where is the nearest hospital or medical facility?
Answer - Our nearest medical facility is Castleview Hospital in Price, Utah. Travel time (airplane/helicoptor)for any medical emergency is 45-55 minutes from the ranch.

Question • What are temperature ranges at the ranch?
Answer - June: 40-75 degrees?July: 55-80 degrees?August: 60-85 degrees?September 50-75 degrees. Weather is always a topic of discussion at the ranch, and often unpredictable.