All deer and elk hunts (archery and rifle) are based on a 5-day stay at the ranch and include the following accommodations:

• Guide to clean and field dress your deer or elk.
• Guide to arrange transport of your deer or elk to camp.
• Guide to remove hide and 'quarter cut' your deer or elk.
• Ranch hand to wrap game for transport.
• Excellent Ranch meat house to keep your game fresh until your stay is over.

Individual guides provided for each licensed hunter.
Hearty 'ranch style' meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) served daily.
Specialty menus available upon request i.e. vegetarian, medical, etc.
Lodging and sleeping accommodations (including housekeeping) provided.


5-day Trophy Buck Hunt (archery or rifle) call for prices. (435-637-1236)
5-day Trophy Bull Hunt (archery or rifle) call for prices. (435-637-1236)
3-day Cow elk hunt call for prices. (435-637-1236)
5-day Special Hunt (black bear/mountain lion) call for prices. (435-637-1236)