Tavaputs Ranch and Range Creek ATV Tour

Enjoy a fun filled ATV Weekend of riding, relaxing, dining, touring and adventure on the Tavaputs Ranch AND a FULL day tour into pristine Range Creek Canyon.

The weekend ride includes 78 miles of riding, delicious food and comfortable lodging along with a scenic tour around the Tavaputs Plateau.

We'll park our trucks @ The East Carbon City Police parking lot, riding your machines along the old railroad track ATV Trail and past the abandoned Horse Canyon Mine site. Continuing the ride up and over the Horse Canyon Road. Traveling up Sheep Canyon negotiating 10 sharp switchbacks as we climb up to the Tavaputs Plateau to the Tavaputs Lodge.

The second day, the group rides their machines down Sheep Canyon into Range Creek Canyon. At this point, everyone will park their machines and climb into the Tavaputs Ranch vehicles and enjoy a FULL day guided tour of Range Creek, complete with Fremont Indian Culture and Early Ranching History along with a delicious picnic at the historic Wilcox Ranch. Our tour ends by 5:00p.m. It will be a FULL two days of FUN!

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